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Industry Overview in the Philippines

Retail & FMCG Sector

The Philippine fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail market is driven by the massive and young consumer’s market base and an expanding middle and working class with high disposable income. The FMCG and retail industry in Philippines remains to sustain its momentum, driven by social and economic developments and population growth. Key factors in the growth of the FMCG and retail industries are the rising population, the growth of the youth segment, the evolving consumer trends and the rise in purchasing power.

Because of the continuous growth of this industry, more new businesses enter the country while existing businesses expand and penetrate the market geographically and demographically. Apart from the traditional channels of selling, the rise of adapting with the new trends in selling digitally through e-commerce is also fast growing. We see large and successful e-commerce companies growing rapidly especially that the target market seeks convenience in terms of buying their goods.

Our common candidate searches for the Retail and FMCG Industry includes General Manager, Operations Manager, HR Manager, Finance & Accounting Manager, Merchandise Planning Manager, Store Manager, Retail Manager, Area Manager, District Manager, Store Operations Manager, Network Development Manager, Franchise Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Events Manager, Key Accounts Manager, Distribution Manager, Sales Coordinator, Executive Assistant, Public Relations (PR) Manager, Internal Communications Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Merchandiser, and etc. Corretto Global Recruit has consultants with strong focus in this industry. They have worked and served the FMCG and retail sector for years and has taken the time to dive deep in understanding the business climate of this sector through first-hand experience and in depth research. We know the movers and the shakers in this industry.

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