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Industry Overview in the Philippines

Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing industry if one of leading sectors that directly influences that country’s economic growth. In 2016, the Manufacturing industry alone contributed to about 23.8% of the country’s total GDP. The manufacturing industry also employs a great deal of workers and professionals, in 2015 it is estimated that it provided jobs for over 3.2 million people that is within and outside of Metro Manila.

With competitive costs and its strategic location, the Philippines is increasingly becoming a manufacturing Hub in the Asian region with a lot of investors coming and a strong workforce backing it up, the Philippine Manufacturing industry is set to grow even larger in the coming years.

With a heavily competitive industry, there are lot to consider for a company to continuously prosper in this changing and fast-phased setting. The Philippines indeed has a growing population and this can further grow the industry through a reliable workforce, although there are caveats to this. We may have the number to sustain the industry’s manpower needs; however, skills and supply chain gaps may impede the industry’s growth. With this in mind, companies should look forward to employing the best talents to ensure that proper training and development are provided to it’s growing number of employees.

Corretto’s reach is not tied down to Manila alone, we have access and reach to both local and international professionals that will contribute to any company’s continued success. Most of our candidate searches are in the job titles of Operations Manager, General Manager, Manufacturing Manager, HR Manager, Finance and Accounting Manager, Purchasing Manager, Procurement Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer, Plant Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Quality Engineer, IT Supervisor, Assembly Supervisor,  Production Supervisor, Safety Manager, Safety Engineer, Facilities Manager, Industrial Engineer, Division Manager, Materials Manager, Product Development Engineer, Power Plant Manager, Quality Control Manager, Reliability Engineer, Warehouse Manager, Shift Supervisor, Research and Development, Quality Assurance Specialist, and etc.

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