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Industry Overview in the Philippines

IT, Media Services & Gaming Sector

The IT industry has been one of leading sectors affecting the Philippine workforce for the past few years and its rise has no end in sight and is steadily increasing with each passing year. With high demand coming from either local or international market. The Philippines is no short supply of talents to accommodate the increasing need for IT professionals. Most common searches are in the positions of Operations Manager, General Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, IT Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Programmer, Java Developer, Project Manager, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer, Full-stack Developer, iOS Developer, Technical Manager, Technical Director, Quality Assurance/QA Tester, Test Engineer, DevOps Engineer, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Accounting Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Executive, Account Executive, Executive Assistant and etc.

Technology has never been more accessible for the public and with various advancements in  IT, Media, Gaming and Digital Marketing constantly evolving to be relevant in this interconnected world. With IT, Digital Marketing, Game Development, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies popping up everywhere, along with a larger market and audience that is no longer limited by territory, language and the like, the global IT arena has never been larger. IT and Digital Marketing professionals from the Philippines are more than adept to take on this global challenge in trying to reach out to various types of audience be it in a local or global scale.

Corretto Global is one of the go-to headhunting firms in the IT industry. We have helped big and small companies by delivering the missing piece of talent needed to complete puzzles. From entry-level, junior level up to senior management level, our IT talent pool ensures that we have what your workforce has been looking for; Quality and problem-solving talent.

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