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Industry Overview in the Philippines

Construction Sector

The Philippines is one of the top developing countries in the Asian Region in terms of economy and this entails promises of great opportunities for businesses to flourish. With leading multi-national companies together with both local and international start-ups setting up operations in Manila and cities across the country, there is a soaring demand for infrastructures to be built in order to accommodate the wave of thriving business.

The Construction and Engineering industry heavily benefits from this as they have to supply the need of roads, highways, offices, residential, commercial, industrial and other public facilities and infrastructures. With businesses looking to start and expand coupled with a government set on investing in multiple construction projects, fast growth and great opportunities are in store of the Construction and Engineering industry for the years to come.

To meet the growing demands, Construction and Engineering companies should be prepared and backed-up by strong team members and industry leaders if they hope to compete in this arena. Corretto’s wide reach of top-notch professionals in the construction and engineering industry – both local and abroad, can certainly make a difference. Common job positions in the construction and engineering industry includes the following, but are not limited to: Project Director, Project Manager, Mechanical Design Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Construction Manager, Architect, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Process Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Safety Manager, EHS Officer, Auditor, Planning Manager, Design Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Bid Manager, Proposal Manager,  Estimator, QA Manager, Quality Manager, Business Development Manager, Cost Analyst, Materials Manager, Purchasing or Procurement Manager, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Accounting Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Executive Assistant and etc.

With seasoned recruitment consultants in the construction and engineering industry providing insight with the current talent pool and exceptional knowledge of the industry, we managed to build award-winning teams that can take on any challenge and will ensure delivery of the right people and correct solutions.

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